PM Julia Gillard Threw off NSW Voters and Politicians with Knitting Kangaroo for Royal Baby Photo Shoot

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Looks like Prime Minister Julia Gillard cannot do something right just months away from the elections. Whatever she does gained scrutiny from people, and worse, cost the Australian Labor Party to lose points in the election polls.

The latest attempt of Ms. Gillard to appeal to the emotions through revealing her soft spot earned her dire reactions from voters. It does not matter that in reality, knitting is actually the PM's long-time hobby.

The Daily Telegraph was able to interview NSW voters and politicians on what they think of Ms. Gillard's photo showing her knitting a kangaroo for the royal baby?

According to Robin Hughes, a voter from Greenway and was interviewed at the Healthwise Senior's group Blacktown, "That was just a put on. Everybody has a hobby but that's not going to help her run the country. Women are more interested in someone that will help them with the families. We have got people living in the streets and children living in cars. That's what she should be looking at."

Ranju Kataria, 32, an event manager from Blacktown said, "Her job is to do something else, look after everybody. It looks staged but I'm happy if she wants to do it."

Alba Arregin, 61, a voter from Quakers Hill, said that the photo will not help boost the polls at the advantage of Ms. Gillard. "No one is going to vote for her because she is unreasonable. She should go like everyone is asking her to go. She took the leader that we choose. I don't think she's got a second chance."

Australian Green Senator Hanson-Young was doubtful that the photo will appeal to the targeted female voters. "I think people are sick and tired of this kind of personal politics. They want to know what politicians stand for and political parties stand for."

However, there were still some who think that the photo brought a positive image for Ms. Gillard.

Carole Simnett, Penrit-based Labor seat in Lindsay, said that, "Women all have different activities so why not with the knitting and why not show her? It makes her more friendly and womanly. It was a nice surprise I only think of her politically. It shows her doing what many other women in the country do."

Marilyn Sieradzan from Prospect thought it was a nice gesture for the royal baby, "She looks more homely and it will help her get the female vote. I think it was nice gesture as she's a woman prime minister."

Meanwhile, other politicians just shrugged their shoulders and expressed their neutral reactions.

Senior Liberal Christopher Pyne said, "We know the prime minister is good at spinning a yarn, now we have a picture to prove it."

Labor backbencher Graham Perrett thought that the knitting was just a mundane hobby for the prime minister, "She spends her spare time knitting. I don't think that's a crime that's going to attract the International Court of Justice in The Hague."

Why did Ms. Gillard nod for the Photo Shoot?

In an interview with the Weekly magazine, Ms Gillard explained why she nodded on the now controversial photo shoot. She said that, If there's something I hope that I have done for the image of women in public life is that we can go into an adversarial environment like parliament and we can dominate it and make it our own, and we can conquer it."

As for the act of knitting a toy kangaroo for the royal baby, Ms. Gillard thinks that it makes her happy. "I just thought it would be cute, a cute project to work on."

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