'PlayStation3' Controllers Integrated to 'Android' Smart Phones for Gaming? Introducing 'The GameKlip'

By @twitter.com/djcgoldsurfer on

A new accessory that combines PlayStation3 controllers and Android smart phones for gaming is now available. The "GameKlip" is a gaming accessory that allows seamless and easy connection between most Android phones and DualShock3 controllers.

"GameKlip LLC" is a small business based in Redmond, Washington, USA. GameKlip attaches handheld Android devices to a PS3 controller. It doesn't require software for the accessory to function. All players need to do is mount them together, and it is all set wirelessly. It also includes a short custom-made thin cable that allows USB connection for phones without root access, and other phone compatibility issues.

No need to worry about the gadget's safety because it has a strong and secure grip. Charging is of no issue here as well, as it completely works independently of batteries or any power sources. As the dawn of the age for touch screen games in smart phones came, one of the many problems it gave hardcore gamers is the need for total user-controllability. Most, if not all, touch-screen games are actually hard to play because of the restrictions for its users. But everyone doesn't need to fret about such hassles and inconveniences any more. GameKlip promises comfort in playing those favorite games in smart phones just like it is in joysticks.

The accessory is compatible with most phones like the Samsung SIII, S4, Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X+, and Sony Xperia ZL. Here's a link for a complete list of compatible devices.

GameKlip can help players with first-person shooting games, adventure packed role playing games, and more. The conventional way of balancing, holding, and playing games with smart phones will be a thing of the past. The GameKlip is here for users to change the old smart phone gaming to a satisfying improvement in their gaming experience. Price starts at $19.95.

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