PlayStation News: All the PS4 Updates You Need to Know Plus PS Spring Sale Offerings, the PlayStation Egg Hunt


When the actual console was not released by Sony during the PlayStation event last month, many were disappointed. But at the Game Developers Conference, many details about the console came to light, particularly those about the console's features, account modifications, and social and sharing functions.

It seems that several of the better features of different PlayStation consoles have been incorporated into its latest device, making it a hodgepodge with even more upgrades, designed to make gaming more convenient and personalized for each gamer.

Personalization comes in with the naming of games after a player's real name. This means that players will no longer be confined to the PS4 console, but instead, a player in the game. Now you can make use of your friends' real names, which are linked to their Facebook accounts.

Polygon reports that PS3 developers have improved the analog buttons, making use of digital buttons instead, as per the DualShock 4's touchpad features.

PlayStation Vita's Remote Play is also in the PS4, so that your handheld and the TV will both reflect the messages that you need to read.

The many new features of the PS4

Among the many new features is the PlayStation Eye, a tracking device made of a depth-sensor that has two cameras connected to the console via a proprietary connector.

Spectator mode for Share button is also in the PS4 hardware. This enables comments for those who are watching a game, as well as taking screenshots for sharing.

The PSN friend limit, from PS3's limited 100 friends, will also be expanding for the next-gen.

The PS4 Eye also maximizes the PS4's split-screen multiplayer gaming modes, as the PS4 Eye identifies the location of the gamer to allocate the screen properly, reports Computer and Video Games.

In addition, a mono microphone-headset also comes with the package, as well as a large hard drive, though the exact specifications have not yet been revealed.

The Examiner adds that Gameware tool will also be made for the PS4. The Autodesk support is supposedly available for an easier creation of new titles for the current and next-gen hardware, as well as making titles more available across platforms.

"We are committed to helping developers of all sizes realize their creative visions. Our Gameware products allow artists to work near seamlessly across multiple platforms and engines, while removing traditional bottlenecks and accelerating production," said Chris Bradshaw.

For the meantime, Sony has already pegged a holiday release for the PS4 console. The exact release date will hopefully be released in the coming weeks.

Easter Time for PlayStation and Spring Sale

In light of the holidays, PlayStation unveils its Egg Hunt. According to God is a Geek, the first offering brings Killzone HD and inFamous: Festival of Blood download-only edition bundle at just $20.43.

The offer only lasts for 28 hours, so get it before March 29, 11:59 a.m.

You can also enjoy the PlayStation Spring Sale, which runs until April 9, reports Enjoy titles such as Babel Rising, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Rayman 3, The Expendables 2: The Videogame and Persona 3, to name a few.

With over 60 title games and 7 DLC packs up for sale, you're bound to find something you'd like to take home.

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