PlayStation 4 Now Offers Beta Testing for 'PlayStation Now' Streaming Service [VIDEO]

PlayStation 4
Visitors take pictures of Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 new game console at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, east of Tokyo, in this September 19, 2013 file photo. Reuters

Sony has recently announced that starting May 20, some PlayStation 4 users in the United States will get to try the company's up and coming game streaming service called, Playstation Now. The closed beta program was made available for new testers for first dibs last Tuesday. PlayStation Now offers fans to play any Sony-published games for Playstation 1, 2, 3, and the latest Playstation 4 console.

PlayStation Now was announced in January, impressing fans and hardcore gamers alike. Now, the program was launched this summer in the U.S., which many PS lovers made a bee line to experience it early before being made widely available later on.

According to PlayStation Blog, PS Now lets players select and play PS 3 and older PS console games just like streaming movies, TV shows, and music videos on the internet directly to PS Now compatible devices. There will be no need for downloads or discs, and players will be able to play their selected games online right away.

PlayStation Now can support the PS 4, PS 3, and select Bravia TVs and Playstation Vita at the moment, while more devices are expected to make the list soon.

The beta program testing has been a great experience for the testers and players as of late. "Thus far, Private Beta testers have logged more than 50,000 gameplay hours discovering new games, rediscovering favorites and racking up Trophies!" posted PlayStation strategic planning director Peter Jamshidi on Playstation Blog.

"The program has been in a private beta on PlayStation 3 since January, and the PS4 beta will also be private. If you registered for the PlayStation Now beta, be sure to check your email inbox for a voucher code to try out the beta." reported Gamespot.


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