PlayStation 4 May Come with Siri-Like Feature?


Latest rumours claimed that Sony's PlayStation 4 may come with Siri-like feature.

The rumour was sparked by a recent job listing from Sony in LinkedIn looking for Speech Recognition Engineering Intern as well as someone qualified to work with "speech noise reduction, speech detection, recognition, noisy rejection, and grammar processing under various environments." It seems that the tech company could be developing voice recognition technology for their upcoming line of PlayStation products.

The listing also calls for someone to assist with "robust speech feature extraction and signal processing for speech enhancement" and "speech enhance and processing of noisy speech with human voice in the background."

It further added that the candidate would need to "engage some initial research off signal separation and neural network processing," "run evaluation and research on keyword spotting" and "conduct some experiment on robust small vocabulary CSR with noisy speech."

However, the question remains whether this feature will be included in the PlayStation 4 or on the products down the line. Some people are speculating that this new information combined with the PlayStation 4 specs released in February point towards a hands-free control setup. Sony previously noted that the PlayStation 4 camera would include a "four channel microphone array," which many thought sounded similar to the technology present in Microsoft's Kinect.

On the other hand, PlayStation 4 will feature a dedicated GPU, 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, an internal hard drive, an eight core AMD x86-64 processor, a Blu-ray optical drive, and Gaikai-powered cloud based computing support.

The PlayStation 4 was announced at a press conference on February 20 earlier this year. It is expected to launch in late 2013 or early next year. 

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