PlayStation 4 to Feature Voice Recognition, Play While Download Hits PS3


Of the reported features that the next-gen PlayStation 4 has been touted for, one of the newest and awaited by gamers is the play while download capability, which allows gamers to immediately play a game without having to wait for 100% of the download to finish.

PlayStation 3 owners, however, don't have to wait until the next-gen console hits stores during the holidays, as the reported feature will be coming to the current-gen console in as early as June.

The Verge reports that the first game where you can experience this feature will be The Last of Us, which will be available for download starting June 14.

According to the report, to effectively use the play while you download feature, you only need to wait until you've downloaded 50% of the game. After that, the other half can be downloaded while you actually get down to business playing.

Of course, this requires a longer period of waiting for download compared to the PlayStation 4 play while download feature announced during its February event, wherein you only need a fraction--not half of the game--to start playing as the game finishes downloading in the background.

PlayStation 4 to get voice recognition

Potentially another feature set for the PlayStation 4 may have been revealed through a job listing.

Sony joins the companies putting out job listings, possibly in the continuing development of the next-gen PS4. CNet reports that Sony has recently posted a job ad for a Speech Recognition Engineering Intern, with capabilities in the field of voice detection, noise reduction, and grammar processing under various environments.

This can mean that a voice-based command may be included in the PS4, with the added bonus of having the ability to detect your voice so that you can continue playing regardless of the condition that you are playing in.

CNet adds that this feature may be included in the PlayStation Eye, with the rumored four-channel microphone so you can personalize your gaming experience, similar to the way the Xbox 720 Kinect will allow you to control the console with your speech.

Again, this may be Sony's way of covering its bases, to keep its next-gen PS4 evenly matched with its biggest competition. That isn't to say that it won't bring about a more convenient way of playing, which is supposed to be the next-gen consoles' main functionality for gamers.

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