‘Playing House’ Updates: What Happens in Pilot Episode and Episode 2, 'Bird Bones'

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USA Network's new sitcom "Playing House" is fun, not much of a riot though.  The first episode introduces two lifelong best friends, Emma and Maggie. Emma is a high-flying business executive, while Maggie is married and is expecting a baby. Emma comes to her small hometown in Connecticut, from Shanghai, to attend Maggie's baby shower. The baby shower, however, takes an unpleasant turn when Maggie catches her husband having a cyber affair. When Maggie catches him again and realises that it is Emma who had made the arrangement for the baby shower, she kicks her husband out of the house.   

Emma decides to be there for Maggie after her boss orders her to return pronto or quit the job. This ultimatum comes after she falls asleep during a Skype meeting with an important Chinese client. The episode also features Emma's high-school boyfriend, Mike, and Maggie's brother, Zach.

The second episode of "Playing House" is titled "Bird Bones." It introduces Mike's fragile wife Tina. Unbeknownst to Tina, Emma and Maggie had made fun of her throughout their school years by calling her bird bones. Emma makes Tina invite her and Maggie for brunch at her home. Mike does not like the idea of them coming to their house. He is afraid that the two friends might do something to his wife. While he is away at work trying to find missing garden gnomes, Maggie and Emma get a tour of Mike and Tina's perfect house.  Everything at Tina's house is clean and neatly arranged, and there is no trace of junk or dust.

However, Maggie and Emma soon discover that Tina is not that perfect after all. She has a secret closet, which is full of junk. Mike returns home to find that Tina has let Maggie and Emma see her secret closet. The two friends have helped Tina clean-up the closet. Maggie and Emma, however, do not tell Mike what all his waif-like wife had to go through because of them. 

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