Players Expressed Their Views After Abby Bishop Quits

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Erin Phillips, Australian basketball point guard for Opals, said she absolutely agreed with the idea to bring a child in the upcoming world championship campaign. But she defended the Basketball Australia and its way of support to a woman.

Philips said Basketball Australia offered financial support to the best of its ability but the decision over Abby Bishop after introducing the new parenting policy went out of hand.

Bishop had ceased to play at the world championship after the board instructed her to bear the flight expense, accommodation and a nanny for her seven-month old child Zala.

Bishop was perplexed the way Basketball Australia had handled the situation. She had earlier sent a letter in this context 3 weeks ago but the Board was mum.

"It has come across that Abby hasn't had any support, but she has. Maybe it's not enough, I don't know...The disappointing part in all this is that it hasn't gotten through that Basketball Australia do support their athletes as best as they can, they've supported me and I know they've supported Abby," Philips said.

"The Opals support Abby and the fact she's a single mother is a difficult task. It's not an easy job...If I was Abby I would need the funding and support and it's disappointing it's come across BA aren't offering support because that's not the case...We want Abby to be a part of the Opals ... and if I was in her shoes I'd want my child to come with me. Abby would definitely be welcome back," she added.

Basketball Australia clarified the intention to introduce the new parenting policy was to shield the "the sanctity of high performance."

Olympic Champion Jenni Screen also shared her thought and expressed sorrow for Bishop's situation.

"The situation regarding Abby Bishop's decision to withdraw from the world championship campaign is very sad to say the least... There is a plethora of talent within the women's program of Basketball Australia. While Abby will be missed, this is an opportunity for another athlete to maybe wear the green and gold for the first time...The next 6 months is massive in terms of development of our new system and continuing to build on the culture of the Opals, it's an exciting time ahead," Screen said.

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