Plants vs Zombies 2 DLC: Dark Ages Expansion to Return Mushrooms

By @binibiningkd on

"Plants vs Zombies" holds such a massive cult following that most smart phone users have downloaded the game during its release. Now, PopCap has just released the much awaited update. Gamers can now play the Dark Ages map and just like its predecessor, the future map; gamers would be able to use an array of new plants.

Synonymous to its name, the Dark Ages map would take place at night. Plant vs Zombies 2 fans are probably familiar with this set-up since there is also a similar setting in PVZ1. The Dark Ages map will let fans use an assortment of mushrooms to defend the house from evil zombies. Aside from being nocturnal, these plants are relatively low cost.

The first plant that is featured in the new update is none other than the sun-shroom. This plant has already been featured in PVZ1 and is now making a comeback in "Plant vs Zombies 2."  It will only cost the gamer 25 suns but is very much needed in the game. Fans of PVZ2 would have to use the sunflower with the sunshrooms alternately. The plant first produces small suns and they then become larger and larger during the duration of the game.

The second plant that gamers would get in the Dark Ages map is the fume shroom. Basically, fans need the sunshroom for ammunition and they would need the fume-shroom to strengthen their defences. This plant helps defend the lawn by spewing fumes on the zombies. It can even penetrate the shield of the Screen-door zombie. The cost of this plant would probably be around 125 suns.

Another returning plant to the roster is the puff-shroom. This is regarded as the most important defence during the night setting. Obviously, since it costs zero suns it could easily be planted and used to secure one's home. It does not do as much damage as the other plants but it is useful in the early stages since it helps gather sun.

The final addition to the Dark Ages is the Sun Beam. The Sun Beam is the sunflower's ability to shoot laser beams to its enemies.

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