Plants vs Zombies 2 Android Goes Global, Tips vs Most Annoying Zombies, Best Plant Combos [VIDEO]

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Android device users who enjoyed the original Plants vs Zombies can finally try PvZ 2 after months of waiting. The game is no longer exclusive to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users worldwide. Here are some updates and some tips to beat the most annoying zombies (e.g. Pirate Captain Zombie).

Pirate Captain Zombie is one of the most annoying zombies in Plants vs Zombies 2. [Credit: PopCap, Electronic Arts (EA)]

Did Apple, Inc. pay EA and PopCap to make Plants vs Zombies 2 iOS-exclusive from July to October?

There were speculations that PopCap and Electronic Arts (EA) had a secret deal with Apple. The game owners reportedly delayed the PvZ 2 release to Android users to entice Android users to switch to iOS. These rumours were denied by both Apple and EA in a Giant Bomb report.

Plants vs Zombies 2 was initially released on soft launch to Australia and New Zealand on July 9. It became available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch players globally on Aug. 15.

"If you look at the way PopCap develops games, we start with one platform and get it right. With this game we started with mobile, and specifically iOS," PvZ 2 franchise business director Tony Leamer was quoted as saying by

Plants vs Zombies 2 is expected to be fully available to all Android device users soon. Here is an announcement from the PvZ biz on Twitter:

Plants vs Zombies 2 Tips, Sudden Death and Best Pairs

Pirate Captain Zombie is one of the most annoying zombies in Plants vs Zombies 2. It comes with a parrot that steals strategically placed plants. For "sudden death," have a Squash. If you don't want to pay a couple of dollars for the Squash, use Plant Food on Snapdragon.

Do not rely on Power Pinch, Power Toss, and Power Zap. Your coins are better spend in Plant Food.

The Pharaoh Zombie is also really annoying. Make it walk on 2 to 3 Spikeweeds to weaken it, then block its path with a Wall-nut. Then have Bonk Choy have a go at it.

Wall-nut is best used with another plant. The best pairings to have in Plants vs Zombies 2 include Wall-nut and Bonk Choy, as well as Wall-nut and Spikeweed. The Lightning Reed and Snapdragon are also good killers paired with Wall-nuts because they target several squares instead of one.

Android users are bombarding PopCap and EA from various countries to which Plants vs Zombies 2 has not been released. Australia and New Zealand enjoy the privilege of testing the game ahead of several countries. Game testers are expected to iron out the bugs soon enough.

VIDEO: Plants vs Zombies 2 Review on YouTube

For gamers who check out reviews before trying the game, here's one from YouTube's HotPepperGaming. However, this review makes more sense to those who have played the original Plants vs Zombies game.

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