Pitman High's Brett Nichols aka 'Michael Jackson' Kid Gets Interviewed by Local Media, and CNN [VIDEO]

Brett Nichols, the talented young high school junior from Pitman High School took his viral-video fame to another level on Thursday, May 22. After Nichols' dance rendition of the late Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" went viral, he has finally caught the media's attention. He's also possibly looking to guest in a popular talk show in the U.S. soon.

Nichols fame all started when his astounding performance was captured and uploaded on YouTube. The footage shows Pitman High School's talent show and the students who participates in it. In the video, Nichols outperforms the others with his flawless Billie Jean routine, especially pulling off the popular "moonwalk."

Before riding a private car that is headed to CNN on Thursday, Nichols generously obliged for an interview with Turlock Journal, the local community's bi-weekly newspaper publication.

According to the interview, Nichols started watching the late King of Pop's videos when he was five years old. The 17-year old high school junior honed his dance routines for nine years. Nichols has already performed the Billie Jean routine during sixth grade, but not as good as in the recent video.

"It's unbelievable. Thousands of guys can be found doing Michael Jackson videos on YouTube, but everyone is struck by how he is able to capture it," said Pitman Principal Rod Hollars. "I don't know what happened in that gym but Nichols captured the moment and the spirit of the talent show," in a report by Elizabeth Arakelian of Turlock Journal.

Nichols loved Michael Jackson's music since he discovered it on 2001. "When I didn't feel like working out I would dance because it's the perfect form of exercise. It's fun and before I knew it I would be tired and three hours had passed," added Nichols in the interview.

During Nichols' interview with CNN, he was asked how he learned the routine and performed a "spitting image" of the late pop star. Nichols answered that since YouTube came up and short films about Michael Jackson were easy to find, he studied them closely for many years until he perfected the routine.

When he was asked if he improved the MJ routine from the first time he performed it during the sixth grade up to now, Nichols humbly answered "yeah, very much yes."

According to the Turlock Journal, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show's" producers have already contacted Nichols for a guest appearance but, "the filming schedule made it impossible to connect with the popular dancing host for this season."

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