Pistorius sobs as Doctor Recounts the Sad Event of Steenkamp's Death

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Oscar Pistorius sobs during the trial
Pistorius sobs during the trial as the doctor describes the event that occurred on the day of Steenkamp's death. Reuters

Pistorius sobs during the trial as the doctor describes the event that occurred on the day of Steenkamp's death.

Former Paralympics Track star Oscar Pistorius sobbed as he sat in the dock clutching a rosary bead, neighbours recalled the incident to resuscitate his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, after the gunshot.

Radiologist Johann Stipp immediately rushed to Pistorius's house after hearing the gunshot, finding him sitting by the side of his wounded girlfriend and praying to God for her survival.

Steep stated in the courtroom: "I went near her and, as I bent down, I also noticed a man on the left kneeling by her side. He had his left hand on her right groin, and his right hand, the second and third fingers in her mouth." Further he said, Pistorius in a grievous mood confessed he shot his girlfriend by mistake because he thought it was a thief.

As the trial proceeded and Stipp was giving his testimony, Pistorius was bent forward in the dock, with his hand covering his face and then moved his hands to cover his ears.

The harrowing detail explained by Stipp was the first detailed description after the shooting of Steenkamp on Valentine's Day in 2013.

Though Stipp tried to help his girlfriend, unfortunately she showed no signs of life. The doctor further added: "She had no pulse in the neck, she had no peripheral pulse. She had no breathing movements that she made."

Earlier in the day, Pistorius's lawyer, Barry Roux, claimed it is impossible for the neighbour to hear the scream since his girlfriend was in the locked bathroom. He stated "The deceased was in the toilet and the door was locked. Even standing on the balcony, it would have been impossible to hear the screams." Roux further added that prosecution lawyer Charl Johnson is trying to tamper the evidence so as to prove Oscar Pistorius guilty.

Roux also clarified that the banging sounds what the neighbours heard was when Pistorius was banging the toilet door with a bat. He also stated that telephone records will give evidence of the same.

As the days unfolds new chapter with the trial, the duel is still to go in order to find the accused or the main reason of the event that led to the sad demise of Reeva Steenkamp. 

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