The Pirate Bay’s PirateBrowser Hits Major Milestone, Downloaded 5,000,000 Times Plus Major Upgrades Coming Soon

By @MazumdarTarun on

The Pirate Bay's browser - PirateBrowser - is on its way to become the poster boy for anti-censorship issues. According to TorrentFreak, PirateBrowser has been downloaded over five million times. The Tor-based browser allows the user to bypass ISP filtering and they can easily open blocked Web sites.

In August 2013, the file-sharing Web site completed its 10th year and launched a new browser called the PirateBrowser for its users.

The users of this browser can access blocked Web sites without using any other circumvention tool or proxy site.

The Pirate Bay's browser uses the Tor Network to change the location of its user and it is based on Firefox. While users can access blocked Web sites, PirateBrowser doesn't hide the identity the users. It is only and purely an anti-censorship browser.

The folks at The Pirate Bay informed TorrentFreak that PirateBrowser was downloaded more than five million times from the official Web site. Clearly, the browser have been a major hit with users of The Pirate Bay.

According to TorrentFreak, since the first release the developers have not introduced any additions to it. However, users can expect an update soon. Along with the update, The Pirate Bay team will also release upgraded versions of the software.

Also, the upgraded versions will also support various social media sites. This feature is meant for users in countries where the access to social media sites is blocked.

After installing the upgrade, the users can access the lists of blocked Web sites per country.

TorrentFreak also revealed that The Pirate Bay team is working on developing the BitTorrent-powered application. This special application will allow the users to store and distribute TPB and other sites on their own systems. This project will create its own P2P network through which Web sites can be reached.

Courts in different countries are asking the local ISPs to block access to The Pirate Bay for its customers and PirateBrowser is one tool that users can use to access TPB. 

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