Is Pippa Middleton A Gambling Advocate?


Royals, and their families, are known to be extremely conservative-with money, recreation and pretty much everything else. Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, has never been one to follow the ordinary route, and she's taking on what will surely be a controversial stand on gambling.

Middleton's Party Times website, the online magazine that also promotes products by the Middleton family's company Party Pieces, offers tips and tricks for a Casino Night Party stating that it is "a great party choice for a teenager."

The rest of the blog entry is dedicated to a guide on how to set up a party that provides a fun and authentic casino ambiance from various games tables (poker and dice games) and a red carpet to a bar area and martini glasses.

The Queen is particularly known for being frugal, frowning on gambling even as Prince Harry reportedly blew 50 million dollars last year in Las Vegas. Although the palace neither denied nor confirmed the alleged gambling debt, the prince received criticisms over these reports (and the leaked pictures of him naked).

Although the Middletons are not part of the royal family, their close ties have brought them both good and bad publicity in the past. Pippa, the most visible of the brood, has no doubt reaped both the rewards and backlash of being in the public eye.

Her personal life has been endlessly speculated upon on tabloids, her clothes praised and criticized by fashion enthusiasts all over the world. She's been caught in a car with an armed pal, accused of using her royal connections to promote her book Celebrate and snapped by paparazzi every time she is out and about.

One would think the pretty brunette would have learned to be more publicity-savvy by now. Will there be uproar over Pippa Middleton's promotion of gambling in teenagers? Or has the public gotten used to the duchess' sister's occasional foray into royal taboos?

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