Pippa Middleton Continues to Embarrass Kate, Picks Fight with Feisty Supermodel [PHOTOS]

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Since her book came out, Pippa Middleton has been surrounded with so much controversy and a recent fight with a supermodel is added to that list.

According to reports, the younger sister of Kate Middleton is currently exchanging harsh words with Edie Campbell, a British supermodel. Sources say that the vocal brawl started at Loulou's a swanky club in London where the two frequent as guests.

Aside from walking runways and posing for photos, Edie Campbell is a well-known socialite an equestrienne. She is said to be in an elite group of socialites who doesn't think highly of the Middleton sisters because of their "sudden" rise to the social ladder.

"Edie is a bit of a tough cookie - she's not afraid to speak her mind and she has never particularly warmed to Pippa. Edie was sufficiently aloof for Pippa to have cause to enquire as to whether there was some kind of problem, or if something was wrong." says a source to the Daily Mail.

The sources also claimed that the "fight" started with some girls talking down on Pippa's party-planning book, which has been gaining less than impressive reviews from critics and those who have already read it.

"It was a case of a bit of a few feathers being ruffled. There was also some girly tittle-tattle going on about Pippa's book - girls in those circles can be very unkind about one another," added the source.

It seems everything is blowing up in Pippa's face. Just recently, her brother-in-law, Prince William, cancelled her American book tour under the pretense that Pippa will only embarrass Kate and his name when talking to the media.

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