Pinterest Accounts Hacked; Becomes 'Butt' of All Jokes Quite Literally; Tips to Keep Your Account Safe

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Pinterest is the latest fall guy to hackers. Many account holders complain their accounts have been hacked and see pictures of "butts" on their boards or walls.

This was not the first time Pinterest accounts are hacked. As the popularity of this networking site grew, this has become the victim of constant hacking and spamming.

All Pinterest account holders are advised not to click on any pins that look shady and look closely at the third-party apps being used.

"Hackers/Spammers can take control of your account in numerous ways, including third-party apps with security holes or inserting malicious code in "Pin This" widgets on other sites," Better Business Bureau via Tech Crunch said.

To keep your account safe from attacks, do the following:

- Rule of thumb: Have a strong password.

- Report shady pins.

- Use caution when using third-party apps.

- Scrutinize destination URLs before re-pinning them on to your board/wall.

According to Business2community, you can do the following, if your Pinterest account is hacked:

1. Change the account password immediately. Always keep your Pinterest password different from that of other account passwords. Change your password periodically.

2. Check your account for recently pinned pins (spam), report them and do not forget to delete them.

3. If your Pinterest account is connected to any of your other accounts (other social networking sites), disconnect the accounts from your Pinterest and then reconnect.

4. Check with your friends to see if they received any pins from you (using "Send Pin" option), although you might not have logged into your Pinterest account for weeks.

The "Send Pin" feature is the most crucial option and the easy target for hackers as there is a greater chance of someone opening the link and clicking the pins, with the notion that these pins are sent from a trusted friends' account.

5. Edit your account/profile information. Set your description, location and other information back to normal.

Invariably, many hacked accounts will have URLs as their description without any other information.

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