Pierce Brosnan on ‘A Long Way Down’ Co-Star: ‘Aaron Paul is the rock star of his day’ [VIDEO]

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After wrapping "Need for Speed," the actor recently hits theaters for the premiere of his adrenalin-pumping movie. Best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in the critically acclaimed drama series "Breaking Bad," Paul tackles a different role in his upcoming big screen project "A Long Way Down."

Based on Nick Hornby's 2005 novel, "A Long Way Down" is a story about four strangers who happen to meet on the roof of a London building on New Year's Ever, each with the intention to end their lives on that moment. Of course, their plans of having a graceful and quiet exit was ruined when they meet each other and decided to come down from the roof alive.

Pierce Brosnan plays as Martin Sharp, a former TV host plagued by a sex scandal, Aaron Paul as J.J. Maguire, Toni Collette as Maureen Thompson and Imogen Poots as Jess Crichton. Directed by Pascal Chaumeil, "A Long Way Down" premiered in Berlin last Feb. 10.

The former "James Bond" actor couldn't help to gush about his co-stars and how he rocked out to Radiohead with the "hip" "Breaking Bad" actor. "I'd known of Nick Hornby's work, so when my agent called me, I read this script and really enjoyed it," Brosnan revealed in an interview with Digital Spy.

"The project had all the ingredients - Nick Hornby, [director] Pascal Chaumeil, the wonderful, brilliant, gorgeous Toni, and then Imogen - whose work I investigated and loved - and also of course Aaron Paul - the rock star of his day," he added. "I thought, fantastic, I'm in. I loved the part of Martin, he made me laugh. There was a kind of sadness to him, but I did like the comedy element, the comedic side to him - he's Sharp by name but not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

The actor also revealed that the relationship of the cast became very close that they managed to stay in touch after the film wrapped up. Each having a strong respect and admiration for each other which makes the film a joy to watch.

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