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From Health May 25, 2012

Fatkinis: Sexy Snaps of Fat Women in Skimpy Swimwear is Online Hit

Real woman post in their 'Fatkinis' in protest against society's obsession with super-slim summer bodies

From Health May 09, 2012

Sex-Change Teenager Jackie Green Reaches Semi-Finals of Miss England

Transgender model Jackie Green is in the running to win Miss England

From Health May 08, 2012

Sharon Simmons, 55-Year-Old Grandmother, Auditions For Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]

Back in March, 55-year-old grandmother Sharon Simmons made headlines when she announced her plans to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad on May 5. This past weekend Simmons did just that.

From Health May 08, 2012

Zombie Virus Infects Massachusetts, Thousands Flock To Participate In 5K “Run For Your Lives” [PHOTOS]

The zombie virus infected Amesbury, Mass., this past weekend, when a 5K obstacle race called “Run For Your Lives” invaded.

From Tech Apr 04, 2012

IPhone Helps Save Baby Trapped In A Well [VIDEO]

As firefighters in China scrambled to rescue a two-year-old baby trapped in a well 30-centimeters in diameter, they employed the help of an unusual tool: the Apple iPhone.

From Health Mar 29, 2012

Six Sexy Shapes of Women Revealed: Are you a Carrot or an Apple? [PHOTOS]

The study came up with six shapes including butternut squash, carrot, apple, pear, broccoli and aubergines.

From Health Mar 19, 2012

Kenya’s Maasai ‘Warriors’ Campaign for Healthy Lifestyle by Playing Cricket (PHOTOS)

Known as “Warriors” for their active involvement in social campaigns, the African ethnic people took up cricket as a tool to spread awareness about healthier lifestyles and HIV/AIDS amongst youth.

From Health Mar 08, 2012

The Face Eating Parasite That Almost Killed A Man [PICTURES]

Twenty-three-year-old Adam Spencer of Oregon was happily travelling through South America with his new fiancé, Shalynn Pack, when a scab appeared on his face. What Spencer didn't realize was that this "scab" wasn't a normal wound, but instead a horrifying flesh-eating parasite.

From Tech Feb 25, 2012

Monkey Controls Robotic Arm With Brain Implants [PHOTOS]

A scientific breakthrough announced in China has allowed a monkey to control robotic limbs through sensors planted in its brain.

From Health Feb 20, 2012

Rotary Clubs Light Up the World to Eradicate Polio (PHOTOS)

Rotary clubs will once again illuminate landmarks and iconic structures around the world in view of the group's pledge to 'End Polio Now'.

From Health Feb 14, 2012

China’s Sex Toy Industry Booms; Company Sells 50,000 Inflatable Adult Dolls, Thousands Exported (PHOTOS)

A Chinese plastic toy manufacturing company has seen unprecedented growth in the past one year, thanks to the booming sex toy industry of the country.

From Health Jan 06, 2012

73-Year-Old Polish Granny Deejays for Senior Citizens (PHOTOS)

There's a 73-year-old granny in Poland who wants her fellow elderly to get off of their rockers and shake their booties.

From Health Jan 05, 2012

Carnie Wilson Weight: Photos of Singer Throughout the Years

Carnie Wilson recently made her debut on the reality-television show "Celebrity Wife Swap," trading places with actress Tracey Gold.

From Health Dec 23, 2011

Top Controversial Pictures of 2011

There was no death of controversies in 2011. Some of the controversies led to the creation of equally controversial photographs, like the faked image which appeared online immediately after the death of Osama bin Laden, while others were begotten by either faked or original photographs, like the Playboy cover photo of Lindsay Lohan.


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