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From Economy Sep 13, 2012

Washington Bends Logic Into Mobius Strip To Show Profit On AIG Bailout

The U.S. government went into a full-throated propaganda offensive on Tuesday in an effort to show that the highly controversial 2008 bailouts of American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG) were profitable.

From Politics & Policy Sep 08, 2012

Earthquake Exposes Poor Infrastructure In Rural China (PHOTOS)

The death toll in a series of earthquakes that struck southwest China's Yunnan and Guizhou provinces Friday has mounted to 80. Over 730 people suffered injuries.

From Politics & Policy Sep 06, 2012

Purple States Most Likely To Be In The Red: Wells Fargo Report

While polls in places like New Hampshire, Ohio, Nevada and Wisconsin continue to find no clear trend as to whether the residents will support a Democrat or a Republican for president, a new report by asset manager Wells Fargo Advisor Wednesday found those very states unambiguous in their spending preferences in running large budget shortfalls.

From Economy Aug 19, 2012

Back-To-School Shopping: Pre-Teens Have More Cash To Spend

In the United States, Mom typically has the most say when it comes to back-to-school shopping, but pre-teens are consumers, too, and they have more money to spend on backpacks and binders than they have had in years.

From Politics & Policy Aug 17, 2012

18 Killed By Police Fusillade in South Africa [PHOTOS]

18 people were killed by South African police during a wildcat mining strike Thursday, in an episode that was captured entirely by TV news cameras and has stunned the nation, reminding many of not-too-distant days when police would shoot anti-apartheid protesters.

From Economy Aug 12, 2012

Billionaire George Soros Set To Marry For Third Time, Announces Engagement With Girlfriend Tamiko Bolton

Legendary investor and billionaire George Soros announced that he is engaged and all set to marry his girlfriend of last four years, Tamiko Bolton, during his 82nd birthday celebration on August 11.

From Politics & Policy Aug 01, 2012

White House Numbers On GDP Growth Optimistic Even By White House Standards

The numbers released by the White House Friday on a Friday report of the future direction of the U.S. economy look optimistic when compared to economist predictions also included in the report.

From Economy Jul 12, 2012

Angry Protesters Confront Spain's Foreclosure Policies

A Spanish activist group fighting against bank-ordered evictions has stepped up its protest activity and embraced law-breaking -- and sometimes violent -- methods to stop the physical removal of families from their homes.

From Economy Jun 27, 2012

Why Can't Europe's Leaders Figure Out How To Solve the Crisis? BNP Paribas Explains

An eye-catching illustration included in a report by BNP Paribas Exane explains why the Continent's leader seem unable to solve the ever-worsening eurozone crisis: in spite of being ostensibly committed to the same goals, top policy-makers disagree on the more aggressive policies most experts believe are needed. It's almost like they're on different planets.

From Economy Jun 26, 2012

Horrific Unemployment, Stagnation, Inflation Seen In Euro Zone Collapse

A graphic published by Der Spiegel, Germany's top newsweekly, is making the rounds among global financial blogs and Facebook walls, succinctly putting into numbers the horrific economic carnage a collapse of the common currency union would entail.

From Economy Jun 16, 2012

Pictures Of Chaos In Greece, Courtesy Of German Broadcaster

Ahead of what is likely to be a week full of drama, stomach-churning market action, and violence in the streets of Athens, a German documentary is making the rounds online outlining the severe socioeconomic dysfunction that led Greece to its current state of affairs.

From Politics & Policy May 13, 2012

Spain’s Indignados Mark Anti-Austerity Protest Anniversary [PHOTOS]

Tens of thousands of Spaniards protesting against the economic crisis and the austerity measures marched on the streets of different cities in the country Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the "Indignados" movement that ignited similar protests worldwide.

From Society Apr 02, 2012

World's Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelors [PHOTOS]

From a Facebook co-founder to a Russian, they are all there.

From Politics & Policy Mar 02, 2012

Iran in Pictures: As Sanctions Make Economy Bleed, Life Goes On

Following a tightening of sanctions by U.S. and international institutions meant to hurt the ruling coalition there, the Iranian economy is feeling the bite. While reporting by Western news agencies is severely curtailed in the country, and official government statistics on economic growth are widel...


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