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From Society Nov 16, 2013

Record Number of Slow Lorises Seized in Indonesia [PHOTOS]

Hundreds of endangered slow lorises rescued from smugglers in Java.

From Society Nov 13, 2013

Femen Topless Activists Target Amsterdam Red-light District over Prostitution

Feminist group in ‘You don't buy, I don't sell’ campaign to criminalise prostitution clients.

From Society Nov 13, 2013

Shipwreck Photograph Archive Sells for £122,500 in Sotheby’s Auction

Images from four generations of the Gibson family show shipwrecks between 1872 and 1997.

From Society Nov 10, 2013

Bolivia Celebrates Day of Skulls with Graveyard Festivities

Hundreds of Bolivians carrying human skulls flocked to the chapel of La Paz cemetery for blessings.

From Society Nov 09, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Weakens on Back of Deadly Trail through Philippines [PHOTOS]

Superstorm Yolanda kills at least four in central Philippines before moving out to South China Sea.

From Society Nov 08, 2013

First Images of Typhoon Yolanda Landfall: 12 Million in Path of Destruction [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

Typhoon Haiyan batters Philippines as 12 million people remain in path of destruction.

From Society Nov 08, 2013

Kate Middleton Rides a Bus and Sells Poppies for Remembrance Day Event in London [PHOTOS]

Kate Middleton and Prince William went on a 1960s Routemaster with Barbara Windsor.


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