Pictures of Kate Middleton's Naked Bum Published in German Tabloid

Butt photo taken during Royals' trip to Australia
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Britain's Prince William And His Wife Catherine, The Duchess Of Cambridge, Arrive With Their Son Prince George At Sydney Airport April 16, 2014.
Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrive with their son Prince George at Sydney Airport April 16, 2014. Britain's Prince William, his wife Kate and their son Prince George flew from New Zealand to Australia, where they will now spend nine days touring the country. Reuters/Phil Noble Reuters

The Middleton family's bottoms certainly have a way of making their way into the news. German newspaper Bild has recently published pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge as she alighted from a helicopter with the wind blowing up her skirt and exposing her bottom.

It all started with Pippa Middleton's attention grabbing bum during Kate and William's wedding where her tight fitting dress showed off her assets as she walked down the aisle as maid of honour.  She was even accused of sporting a fake bum during the ceremony.

The biggest Middleton controversy came after topless pictures of the Duchess came out as she was sunbathing while on holiday with Prince William back in 2012. Those pictures were taken in Provence Chateaux and were subsequently published in the French version of Closer Magazine. The Royal couple have made moves to further protect their privacy and the royals were able to argue that the photos were taken illegally as they were in a private vacation in a private property. This time around, the pair was very publicly alighting from a helicopter on an official Royal tour and the photo was achieved accidentally and not through any means designed to invade Kate's privacy such as pulling up her skirt deliberately or using mirrors to find a view.

This latest photo has sparked new talks about the protection of the privacy of the Royal family. The incident occurred as the Princess got off a helicopter in the Blue Mountains in Australia during their Royal tour in April. The Duchess was wearing a light, flowing, patterned summer dress by Diane Von Furstenberg at the time. The most controversial aspect of the photo is that the entire bum is visible and it remains unclear as to whether or not she was wearing underwear. The lucky shot was taken by amateur photographer Diane Morel who was at the right place at the right time as the gust of wind from the helicopter's rotors blew the skirt up and exposed the Duchess' bum for a split second.

British newspapers reportedly refused to publish them so a bidding war ensued overseas where the photos were sold for an undisclosed price. 

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