Picture Perfect Trio: 'Harry Potter' VS 'Twilight' VS 'The Hunger Games' [PHOTOS]


It's time for a battle between the biggest film adaptation contenders in the film business.

With all the hype for the "Hunger Games", this calls for a face-off with the Golden Trio VS the Cullen Couple VS the Werewolf. "The Girl on Fire" may have topped the box office for a third weekend in a row, but was it enough to beat the likes of "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" in terms of box office hits and book sales?

Before romantic, sparkly vampires came to life and before Katniss Everdeen rebelled against the Capitol came J.K. Rowling's' boy with the glasses. Harry Potter came to life in the year 1997 and it continued to capture the hearts of readers worldwide. Last July 2011 marked the end of an era of approximately ten years. Yet, with over 400 million books sold worldwide and still counting, Harry Potter still beats Edward Cullen of Twilight with books sold only over 100 million. While, the Hunger Games books written by Suzanne Collins manages to up to only 3.5 million books sold.

Daniel Radcliffe who plays "The Boy Who Lived," equally holds the same acting experience with "The Boy with the Bread" Josh Hutcherson. Robert Pattinson, "The Sparkly One", garnered the attention of Hollywood when he came out in the film, "Twilight". With their film adaptations already at end, Robert Pattinson has already moved on to a post-Twilight flick, "Bel Ami" while Daniel Radcliffe had starred in a few Broadway shows and in the film, "The Woman in Black."

Rupert Grint who plays Daniel Radcliffe's right wing man in "Harry Potter" may be popular for his role as Ron Weasley but right after the fame, Rupert simply stood along the bylines supporting his fellow Potter co-stars. His fame is easily taken over by Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth who plays the attractive, Gale Hawthorn of "The Hunger Games" and by Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black of "Twilight."

Emma Watson would by far be the most successful of the "Harry Potter" bunch or equally successful with Daniel. Emma who has advertised for Burberry, is the new face of Lancôme and the ambassadress of People Tree holds a few trophies against "Twilight's'" Kristen Stewart and "Hunger Games'" Jennifer Lawrence. Though Lawrence earns a point over both stars for her Oscar nomination for her role as Ree in "Winter's Bone."

"The Golden Trio" of "Harry Potter" combined would still beat the trio of "The Hunger Games" and "Twilight" but fans of the respective trio still have their own say. While "The Hunger Games" may have hot the box office record against Titanic and American Reunion, it still has a long way to go to beating "Harry Potter".

With the odds against everything that is written, which franchise is better over the others: "Harry Potter" which has been the childhood of every adult in the world imaginable, "The Hunger Games" which has captured the attention of a few Hollywood stars or "Twilight" whose love story compels the impossible?

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