Photos Prove Valeria Lukyanova's Plastic Surgery Procedures to Look Like Human Doll [PHOTOS]

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Many have questioned the authenticity of human doll Valeria Lukyanova's features.  Some say they are natural and only enhanced by make-up, but others are certain she is part-plastic. The photos below reveal the drastic changes and comparisons of how she looked like 5 years ago.

Valeria Lukyanova, or more commonly known as "the human Barbie," has looks that seem like she was molded out of plastic. Her doll-like features make her photos seemed "altered," or that she has undergone many procedures to perfect her look. This is the popular belief of many, by comparing her "before and after" looks as seen in her photos.

In one particular close-up photo the model posted on her Facebook page, Valeria's nose is pencil-thin, far from what her nose looked like 5 years ago. It is obvious that plastic surgery was performed to make it seem that way.

Another one of her features look like it is synthetic body mass. Her breasts, which look smaller in the right photo, are obviously enhanced in a not-so-natural way. Her waist, which only measures less than 20 inches, is also believed to be achieved in an artificial manner. One more feature that look like they're carved by a surgeon is her pair of glossy, blue eyes. In her past photos, her eyes look like they're far smaller and squinted.

Although these photos state the obvious, a surgeon still claims that Valeria Lukyanova is 100% natural, and makes herself look like a doll through detailed make-up artistry. Those who have worked with her during her V Magazine shoot also state that the Ukrainian's looks are not surgically created.

"Judging from the available photos and especially from the video of the makeup transformation, most likely Lukyanova has not had any significant plastic surgery on her face," says Dr. Boris Akerman. Akerman is a surgeon based in Los Angeles and has performed various facial alterations on famous stars.

"She might have had some lip injections, but the remarkable Barbie like appearance of her face is due to theatrical make up application and facial muscle training to achieve the 'Barbie' appearance." added Akerman.

Akerman has never treated, nor seen Lukyanova in person, which makes Valeria's followers think that his statements do not automatically exclude the possibility of plastic surgery. Many suggest that she either denies her various trips to a surgeon's table or alters her photos with the help of a photo-editing software.

 "This girl is a fraud. She had been badly Photoshopping her photos since the beginning of her time online." types an anonymous follower on

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