IN PHOTOS! Eva Longoria 'Loves' to Show Some Bare Skin: Her Top 5 Hottest and Biggest Wardrobe Malfunctions of All Time [SLIDESHOW/VIDEOS]


 Eva has taken the world wide web by storm over the weekend when she had gone commando “accidentally”showing her nickers before army of photographers at 66th Cannes Film Festival 2013.

But this is not Eva’s first brush with wardrobe malfunctions as she has suffered some big, major flesh exposures for the world to see. Here are five of them:

1. 2013 Cannes Film Festival – Green dress by Versace In an effort to protect her green Versace gown, Eva failed to protect her “twin sisters” when she inadvertently exposed them for the world to see as she lifted the side of the gown to avoid the wet ground - - a move that Eva may be regretting for quite some time. The 2013 Cannes has been nothing but momentous for many with the 38-year old’s embarassing wardrobe malfunction, showing her private, lady parts as she made her way to the red carpet. Watch Video here.

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2. 2013 Golden Globes – Black Pucci gown Eva’s other twins - - at least one of them - - were peeking and appeared to want to get spilled over when the Desperate Housewives star graced the red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globes.

She donned a plunging black Pucci gown - -with low, V-shaped, open necklines - - too low, that when she was freeing her shoes from the lacy bottom of the gown, cameras began clicking to capture what “they could be waiting for” - - some nip slip - - and Eva went for it, albeit unvoidably. Not slapped with some nipple covers, Eva’s right twin had no choice but to greet the lenses “hello” as they clicked for the moment. Watch VIDEO here.

3. On the beach She was nowhere near the assembled photographers and Eva Longoria was just with friends enjoying some sun, when she managed to still give them a big treat when she was adjusting her bikini straps.

Eva was photographed struggling adjusting her bikini straps in her efforts to avoid tan lines when snapped sunbathing with friends. Instead of reaching for a bandeau top, Eva just wento on working the straps of her bikini - - that’s when she had another oops moment, to photographers big grins

4. 2011 – On Late Show with David Letterman David Letterman has had a slew of hot stars showing their tits on the show. Remember Drew Barrymore when she climbed on top of the table and surprised everyone, even Dave, when she lifted her shirt to the host eyes only?

Eva for her part didn’t have to climb on the table and didn’t have to lift her top when he had the near-slip-incident on air on David Letterman Show in 2011. She was wearing a low-cut- tuxedo-style jacket, without any undershirt and bra, and with only a button holding it together.

And you know Dave, he could really make you get giddy and perky with his jokes, right? So, Eva was bouncing around, laughing at Dave’s jokes when (boom!) her jacked popped open On Air! It’s a good thing Eva was quick with her hands and she was able to get hold of it before she had the embarassing nip slip, on air. Watch VIDEO here or scroll down for Full VIDEO.

5. Eva Shows Her Shapewear Spanx Tight, shapewear spanx is indeed any celebrity’s best friend on the red carpet. Eva may not have gone out for an evening event pantyless a few years ago but she managed to still catch everyone’s attention and made headlines when photos of her getting off a black limousine to an evening event made the web, showing the actress in shapewear spanx.

But in this case, Eva isn’t really the only celebrity who loves to look great in spanx before photographers on the red carpet. Kristen Stewart also flashed a black spanx before audience when she was making promotional tour of Twilight final installment in November 2012. Skinny as they are, singers Katy Perry and Jessica Alba also wear body shapewear on important events. Jessica Alba admitted she was using one while filming Fantastic Four. Check out celebrities wearing spanx here.

Eva has made headlines with her slew of wardrobe malfunctions in recent years. She has been reported poking fun of herself ouf of the embarrassing wardrobe malfunctio. The curtain may be down for the Cannes Film Festival 2013 but the the thought and visual image of the star’s embarassing exposure of her private parts, she fondly calls, “twin sisters” may stay a while.

START the SLIDESHOW and check out Eva Longoria's top 5 major wardrobe malfunctions and more of Eva's hottest looks. You may begin with the headline-making photo of Eva showing her knickers. The photo was taken from her social media account, with a caption that said: "This is the picture everyone talks [about] these days."

*This article is an offshoot of a similar article by E!Online. All five (5) photos of Eva's major wardrobe malfunctions can be found here. Start the SLIDESHOW for screen-grabbed photos of wardrobe mishaps.

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