Photos Of Baby Eric Shared By Simon Cowell In Twitter

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"The X-Factor" Judge Simon Cowell is now a proud daddy of a healthy and handsome baby boy with girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

Cowell took home baby Eric Sunday, Feb. 16 after staying at the Lenox Hill Hospital. The healthy baby was born on Valentine's Day. He became a wonderful gift for the couple as evidenced by the radiance of their faces.

Weighing 6 lbs and 7 oz, the baby was barely seen when Cowell carried him bundled in blankets inside a charcoal seat. Even with all the commotion outside as Cowell and Silverman went out the hospital, the baby was still sleeping soundly and seemed to be having a very good dream.

The celebrity father was like any other dad who is excited to see his son and even announced the name of his handsome baby boy in his Twitter account saying that he named his son after his dad, according to Daily Mail.

He may not have been inside the delivery room with Lauren but the 54-year-old "X-Factor" judge instantly flew to New York from London upon hearing that his girlfriend is about to give birth two weeks early.

The distance didn't stop the new dad from going to his baby's birth. He arrived at the hospital with a huge smile that made him looked positively beaming with joy. Eric is Cowell's first child.

The couple is greatly anticipating of the birth of baby Eric and now that he is finally with them. The couple is also taking its time to savor the moment of becoming parents. Cowell has even shared some photos of their baby together with them in his Twitter account to inform his followers how proud he is of his little baby boy.

A series of black and white photos were released by Cowell in his In Twitter account. A very sweet gesture of holding the baby while closing his eyes was seen in a photo. It showed how much he wanted to have Eric in his life. This proud dad may juggle his time with "Britain's Got Talent" to spend some quality time with his newborn.

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