Philips launches Europe's first Android-powered TV

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Philips launches its Smart TV , the new 4K ultra-HD 9000 series. Philips 65PUS9809 - the first TV by a European brand to run on Android.

The 65-inch screen with Google's Android Operating System, gives 9809-owners easy access to the Google Play store, as well as Philips' own Smart TV platform.

The 9809 boasts with an impressive 4K UHD display, and operates on the 'Perfect Pixel Ultra HD' engine, digitally adjusting footage on the screen in real-time to optimise the image quality which works on two core technology namely Bright Pro and Micro Dimming Premium.

Philips Smart TV has combined features of Android apps available in Google Play Store with the existing Smart TV apps including video on demand, catch-up TV, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and music streaming.

Android is the most prevalent operating system in the mobile smart device market today. Philips Android TV featuring Android will further expand the already large app offering on the Philips Smart TV portal.

The Display has a light quality which can compared to a standard LED backlit screen, and provides deep velvety blacks and crisper highlights.

Philips 9809 also features four-sided Ambilight tech, which makes the light vision on the TV more ambiently glow.

The Audio system in the TV is sported with 'surround sound sensation'. Wireless Subwoofer is the added advantage to the sound system. The TV can bring fast speed and experiences user friendly device

 Scott Housley, global head of product and strategy at TP Vision, has conveyed the message that they are very proud to be the first European TV brand to bring the new Smart TV.

The Release date and Price is not yet announced. The 65-inch 9708 4k TV Costed 4,999 Euros. It is expected that Philips 9809 can cost in a similar range somewhat and will be available from the second quarter 2014 in Europe and Russia.

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