Philippines Horrific Pay-per-view Shows Had A Melbourne Man Sentenced To 11 Years


The horrific pay-per-view shows involving sexual abuse of children being conducted out of the Philippines had a Melbourne man sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment.

A Melbourne man named Brett Le Gassick, 43, was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment with 8 years to serve for being found guilty of 25 child sex exploitation offences committed over the internet.

He was convicted following prosecution by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP).

Le Gassick admitted to have used online chat programs to direct children in the Philippines ranging from 4 years old to 15 years old to engage in sexual activity which he viewed in real time, according to facts presented in court by CDPP Senior Federal Prosecutor Morgan Brown.

He also admitted that he took screen shots of the children while doing the sexual acts.

Gassick's case was "a serious example of serious offending" and that the offending involved the "wholesale exploitation of desperate children", and the "damage done [to these children] is incalculable," the Honourable Judge said in her ruling.

Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan, expressed his delight over the successful prosecution of Gassick, saying that his prosecution is a credit to Australia's law enforcement agencies.

Keenan warned all sexual predators that their disgusting abuse of children will not be tolerated and that authorities will not stop until they are punished lawfully.

"Every horrific pay-per-view image is a crime scene and such abuse only serves to strengthen the resolve of law enforcement to work together at a national and international level to bring offenders to justice. Perpetrators will be vigorously pursued, whether the crime occurs in Australia, or is committed or facilitated by Australians in foreign countries," Keenan highlighted.

He said that the Coalition Government and all law enforcers will be unstoppable in identifying, prosecuting and jailing all predators who take advantage of the the youngest and most vulnerable members of any society.

He underlined that the internet is not excuse from the law and that authorities are always on the watch against whoever is using the internet to abuse children.

Keenan is urging everyone who know of any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour online to report thorough the AFP web site, alert the local police and the Virtual Global Taskforce Report Abuse through

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