Philippine Dancing Inmates Ride on Gangnam Style Craze, Video Gets Over 6.4 Million Views in 4 Months (VIDEOS)

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Riding on the popularity of Psy's Gangnam Style which continues to gain more hits, the world-famous Philippine dancing inmates from Cebu Province made a video performing the dance before 2012 and it has garnered so far more than 6.4 million hits in just four months.

The 3-minute, 59-second video was made in response to public demand. The video, which features about a thousand inmates, was shot on Sept 29, 2012, inside the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center with guests watching the videotaping.

Psy's official Gangnam Style video continues to break world records by logging so far 1.256 billion views. He eclipsed Justin Bieber's Baby MTV which got so far almost 826 million hits over two years.

Despite the 6.4 million hits of the Philippine dancing inmates' version of Gangnam style, the jailbirds' greatest hit is Michael Jackson's Thriller with the original upload getting 52.2 million hits over 5 years.

The inmates inspired the hit U.S. TV series Glee to come up with their version of Thriller.

Last week, prisoners from Chile imitated the Cebu Dancing Inmates and danced to Los del Rio's Macarena and Queen's We Will Rock You. The Chilean inmates were garbed in neon orange, yellow and green T-shirts. It was choreographed by TV personality and dance instructor Julio Zuniga.

Chilean prison authorities introduced the dance routine to cut levels of violence among the inmates and incorporate new activities to improve their wards' self-esteem and motivation.

The Chilean authorities are hopeful that their inmates would duplicate the fame achieved by the Cebu inmates, who in turn, also want another shot at YouTube records by riding on Psy's 20-minute fame.

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