Pheromone Parties are only for Hook Ups, Says Expert

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Pheromone parties, invented by American artist Judith Prays that debuted in New Zealand in July, are only advisable to those who are only looking for hook ups and not love, according to an expert.

University of Queensland Professor Philipp Kirsch said that Pheromone parties are only for those people who are looking for purely sexual relationship.

"It is a sensible or plausible way to identify a partner if the only important criteria are how this partner smells when your eyes are closed, and the sole purpose is sexual," Kirsch said.

Kirsch, an expert of sex pheromones and the mating behaviour of insects, said that the very foundation of such parties will only lead to sexual lusting and not true love. Hence, he believes that Pheromone Parties should be discouraged.

He said that other human senses could overshadow a person's sense of smell and that a feeling based on smell could be easily be whiffed of. 

 "I think that any role that pheromones play would be significantly minor. Animals orient in the environment by sensing a wide range of stimuli - light, sound, smell, touch, taste. I would suggest that an important further requirement for these 'Pheromone Parties' would be that both parties should also agree to wear blindfolds when they meet, and that any verbal communication is also forbidden. This would negate the bad news contradictions from direct visual or auditory signals," Kirsch explained.

"If the goal is to find partner for a broader range of activities, it would seem important to consider the more dominant senses that we use in making choices, such as sight and hearing. I believe we all have a visual search image for the 'ideal' partner, and we also like some voices and do not like others. Beyond this, there are so many other values that are much more critical considerations. Pheromones do not provide any useful information about any of these questions," he underlined.

The rule of pheromone parties involved having each participant wear a shirt while sleeping for three consecutive nights. After, the shirt should be sealed in a zip-lock bag to save the body aroma. During the party, each participant should throw his or her shirt at the table for other participants to sniff.

If a participant sniffed a shirt that catches his or her interest, the organiser will take photo of the participant and the shirt sniffed. A number assigned to the shirt will then be projected onto a big screen. The person who owned the shirt will decide if he or she would want to approach the person who sniffed the shirt judging by the picture on the screen.

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