Phablet-Size iPhone 6 on Release Date to Sell Like Hotcakes Even at $300 – Reports

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The iPhone 6 on release date is destined to fly off the shelves as Apple fans are willing to pay extra $100 for an upgraded screen attributes and loads of fresh killer features, new reports said.

This will be the case at least in the United States, according to Barron's, where the iPhone enjoys more than 50 per cent of penetration among American smartphone owners. The same report added that 33 per cent of these current iPhone users will quickly jump to the iPhone6 ship if Apple delivers a screen size that bumps up from the 4-inch iPhone 5S.

Rumours are widespread that Apple is in fact upsizing the iPhone viewer and analysts are predicting that consumers can expect the planned display panel stretch to range from 4.7-inch to 5.5-inch. As expected, Apple is keeping its silence on the subject.

It is also suggested that the iPhone maker will be forced to mark up the iPhone suggested retail price, from $200 to $300, if indeed the device will take on a wider and taller profile from its predecessors.

Yet according to the same Barron's report, quoting Tavis McCourt analyst Raymond James "33 per cent of iPhone users would be willing to pay $100 more for a bigger-screened iPhone."

James noted too that the same trend has been observed in an earlier survey, improving actually from 26 per cent. And perhaps to further prod the tech giant to finally join the phablet race that Samsung has started with the first Galaxy Note in 2011, Tavis McCourt highlighted the likelihood that there will be switchers from the Android sphere once the large-screen iPhone 6 becomes real.

Some six per cent of Android phablet owners are willing to check out the next iPhone with bigger screen even at the premium price of $300 apiece. James noted that the numbers may not be overwhelming for now but at least Apple is assured of growth prospects not only from its own fanbase but also from rival platforms.

And this growth path will become more defined with the likely addition of fresh capabilities to the loads of iPhone 6 killer features that Apple will soon bring to the table.

Two of them are hinted anew in newly-revealed Apple patents, Apple Insider said in a report.

The first one is a split camera design that has two sensors, separately processing brightness and colour data that make for high-quality clips and images. Foremost benefit of the technology is the use of thinner and lighter casing for the iPhone 6, Apple Insider said.

It is suggested too that the next iPhone will boast of a location-sensitive security mechanism. Thus, the iPhone 6 could feature different ways of access verification. In one embodiment, users can unlocked the device with pass codes while within their safety zone, a home for example then this shifts to a biometric protocol or fingerprint scanner in a general area like a shopping mall.

As mentioned in James' report, these and other killer features will make the supposedly $300-tagged iPhone 6 a certifiable hit on release date, which is pegged for Q3 2014.

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