PGA News: Caddy Quits on Golfer, Tin Cup Style

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Making the rounds of cable television today is this feel good golf story Tin Cup starring Kevin Costner and Rene Russo. Costner is a golf prodigy who spends his day laissez fairly. Well as most romantic comedies go, Costner who is nicknamed Tin Cup here meets a lady who helps his mental facets of the game and eventually he makes a name for himself in the US Open.

A scene stands out in the film when Tin Cup's stubbornness is in full display. You see, he does not make any safe plays and will always go for the green no matter what - the weather or the history of the course; he will take the long shot. In this particular scene, Tin Cup argues profusely with his caddy on what club to use. With his temper getting the better of him, Tin Cup breaks into pieces all of his clubs except the 7-iron. Long story short, his caddy quits on him and he still finishes the course and qualifies for the US Open.

This was amusing in the movie, and infinitely comical that it happened in real life, in a PGA Tour, no less.

The club breaking did not occur but yes, a caddy walked out on his golfer and guess what, a lady in a dress and flip flops took his place.

Golf Digest reports that last Saturday at the PGA's Tour Barracuda Championship, Brian Stuard and his caddy of three years, Michael Lawson were arguing for several holes before Lawson dropped the bag and left the course. This was in full view of the public and transpired during the mid-rounds no less (12th hole). Luckily, a woman in a dress and matching flip flops stepped up grabbed the bag and caddied for Stuard for the final six holes as reported in this tweet:

On the final day, Chad Munoz, an assistant at the Montreux Golf and Country Club was the replacement caddy. The conflict between Stuard and his caddy comes as a surprise as the golfer earlier expressed his comfort level with his three year trusted companion.

"He knows my game really well, and we have a nice working relationship. He knows what to say and what not to say. It's been really good, and I enjoy having him on my bag," Stuard told Jackson Citizen Patriot writer Josh Olson earlier this year.

Stuard also qualified for the PGA Championship field, though it is still unclear if Lawson will come back and they will kiss and make up. After all, Tin Cup's caddy in the movie, played by a Mexican guy returned with beer and some songs and they just sang to ease their conflicts.

We can only hope that life imitates art to the full extent this time.

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