Peter Pan Proposes To Wendy; Stage Actor Asks Co-Star To Marry Him During Performance [VIDEO]

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Never mind what J.M. Barrie intended for their destiny, Peter Pan will be married to Wendy Darling no matter what. Actor Sandor Sturbl proposed to his girlfriend Lilly-Jane Young while they were playing Peter and Wendy in front of a live audience Wendy at a stage musical production in Glasgow, Scotland.

It appeared to be a normal production of the musical “Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story” on Saturday night, but with one twist ending: Peter Pan proposed to Wendy.

In the video, Sandor, who plays Peter, surprised the audience and his co-star by getting down on one knee near the end of their performance.

“Ladies and gentlemen, normally, this show would continue with Peter Pan watching Wendy and giving her a kiss. Although, this is not a normal show this evening. It’s Peter Pan looking at Wendy and asking her for a kiss,” Sandor told the audience.

“It’s Sandor Sturbl, a Dutchman, 28 years old, looking at the love of his life,” he continued, referring to 22-year-old Lilly-Jane.

“Jane, the last couple of years I get to know you and you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,” Sandor said as he got down on one knee and asked Jane to marry him.

Jane was emotional as she accepted, while their co-stars and the audience cheered.

“We were just about to sing our final song of the night when the music stopped. I thought it was a technical hitch and was starting to panic when Sandor turned to the audience,” the newly engaged actress told Daily Record.

“I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘Yes’ straightaway and all of the audience started clapping. It was a magical moment and one I’ll never forget.”

Sandor arranged for her family to be in the audience on that night. He presented her with a blue sapphire and diamond ring, which has aptly been named the Wendy design.

“We’ve toured all over the world and when we found out the show was coming to Glasgow, Lilly-Jane was so excited. When I went to pick out a ring, I spotted one called the Wendy design,” Sandor told Daily Record. “I took it as a sign and bought it. Only a few people knew about my plan but I had to tell some of the production crew so that they knew to cut the music on time.”

The couple met while working on the arena tour of the stage musical, and have been dating for over a year.

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