Perez Hilton vs. Lady Gaga: Hilton Calls Gaga A 'Drug and Alcohol Addict' [SEE VIDEO]

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It looks like Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton and Singer Lady Gaga will never become friends again, not in near future at least.

The duo started a feud some time back in Twitter where the two keep spewing out venom about each other, keeping the fight lively and interesting. Sometimes Lady Gaga talks about the irrational behavior of her former best friend Hilton while in other instances it is Hilton who seems defending herself from Gaga's accusations.

Now the ball is in Gaga's court after Hilton came out of his closet and spoke openly about what he actually thinks about the "Applause" singer. Hilton appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" this week and has called Lady Gaga a drug and alcohol addict and a person who talks such harsh words because of the influence of drugs.

"In her mind, the world revolves around her. When people are on drugs and alcohol, they behave irrationally, erratically and are mean to those that they love," Hilton said of Lady Gaga.

The two were actually very good friends and Perez used to call Gaga her "wifey." Gaga was apparently angered when Perez praised rival Katy Perry's "Roar" song and claimed it was better than Lady Gaga's single "Applause." The blogger also mocked Lady Gaga's serious hip injury and posted nude photos of her in Twitter.

Hilton further goes on to say that this is not the first time Lady Gaga has fell apart with her friends as she has such a history of using people and then "throwing them away."

"She has a history of, and I don't want to name names -- she globs on to people, uses them and once they're no longer of use to her will just throw them aside. That is what I've observed," said the celebrity blogger of Lady Gaga.

The talk show hostess went ahead and asked the blogger the big question which everyone has on their minds, "Is there any chance for reconciliation?"

A big and a firm "no" was Hilton's answer. Check out the video below where Perez Hilton thrashes Lady Gaga. Perez Hilton vs. Lady Gaga


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