Pep Guardiola: Munich Hired Me To Employ Tika-Taka

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Manager Pep Guardiola responded to criticism that Bayern Munich has become too obsessed executing with their tiki-taka sets right after their 1-0 loss at Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League tie.

Munich, who eventually lost to Real Madrid 5-0 in their semis clash, hired Guardiola to employ tika-taka system with the German powerhouse.

"I know that my philosophy is different from the typical German one," he told reporters on Friday according to Real GM. "But Bayern wanted me because of my style.

"I've won a titles here too now - we won the Bundesliga in March, for example - so I believe that we are not so bad.

"We must keep the passion we offered in Madrid. We have to react, though, as we are 1-0 behind. We need to attack more and I need to find a balance between my ideas and the footballing culture in Germany."

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