People Should Not Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 - Analysts Warn Against Buying Samsung's Flagship Phone?

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Samsung has been gearing up for the release the Samsung Galaxy S5 this Feb 24. While the market has been anticipating on what the Korean tech giant has in store, there may be a few reasons for people should hold off getting the Galaxy S5. According to a recent study and report, it may be better for consumers to take some time before investing on the device. Why is it better for people not buy the Galaxy S5 during its release?

According to a report by Zach Epstein, as impressive as the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be, people may be better off not purchasing it instantly. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been the subject of the rumour mill and countless reports for quite some time now. According to recent information, the device will sport a Super AMOLED display, 5.25-inch screen and 2K resolution. The smartphone will also run on either two processors: Samsung's eight-core Exynos processor or quad-core Snapdragon chipset.

It is not clear yet whether the S5 will sport a 16 or a 20 MP camera.

Reuters and other news outlets have reported about the release of the Galaxy S5 right before the Mobile World Congress. The "Unpacked" event will reportedly serve as the official announcement of the device. Despite the hype, studies show that people who can hold off buying the device will be at the better end of the deal.

Idealo, a price comparison specialist, provided a research of the Samsung Galaxy S devices. According to the data, the company predicts that the price of the Galaxy S5 will lower considerably following the launch. Waiting it out should give customers a better deal. Samsung devices like Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 showed similar trends.

"The average price of the Samsung Galaxy S2 had reduced by 13% of its initial value after three months of being on sale," Idealo said in its blog.

"Its successor, the Galaxy S3, experienced a price decline of 14%. One generation down the line, we notice an even more significant price decline. The Galaxy S4, which was released in May 2013, was 18% cheaper by August 2013," it added.

According to Information Week, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint sensor, sharper and bigger display including business-friendly features. It should be interesting to find out the final details of the product. People will have to wait for the Feb 24 event.

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