‘Penny Dreadful’ TV Series Episode 6 Recap and Spoilers

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The hunt for Mina comes one step closer in "Penny Dreadful" Episode 6 - What Death Can Join Together. The Frankenstein monster seems to have chosen a bride. Dorian Gray and Vanessa Ives get really close with unintended consequences. Spoilers ahead.

Can Mina be saved? Sir Malcolm still believes so, although his colleagues do not share his optimism. Sir Malcolm convinces Vanessa to find a way to get a vision. This however is not how it works but she still tries to get a vision.

Vanessa's vision leads Sir Malcolm and the others to a quarantined ship at the docks. The ship is full of sleeping female vampires. Sir Malcolm just about abandons his search when all of a sudden the vampires awaken. During the fight with the vampires the ship catches fire and viewers get to see Mina with her master.

The fire prevents Sir Malcolm from reaching Mina and they make a hasty retreat. Chandler convinces Sir Malcolm to start trusting people if he wants to win any battles in the future. Sir Malcolm finally decides to trust Vanessa and goes to her to share everything.

"Penny Dreadful" has portrayed Dorian Gray as a charming and a seductive person. This time he is able to get a date with Vanessa. Dorian explains his fascination with paintings and portraits. Vanessa has her picture taken.

Vanessa and Dorian end up in bed and in the middle of a raunchy session Vanessa hears a voice. The voice of what maybe a new demon had Vanessa leave in a hurry. Back in her place she finds Sir Malcolm ready to tell her something he has been hiding. But a shocked Sir Malcolm looks on as Vanessa slowly rises above the ground and starts to turn in the air with her hands stretched wide open.

The hunt for a bride for Frankenstein's seems to have ended. The creature is seen crying over a woman kissing another man. His patience to find a bride is running thin and his creator Dr. Frankenstein finds this out the hard way.

Dr. Frankenstein meets with Van Helsing and discusses vampires. Van Helsing tries to give all the information about vampires to Dr. Frankenstein. In a shocking development the Frankenstein monster kills Van Helsing and reminds his creator to find him a bride quickly.

The plot of "Penny Dreadful" may lead to some convergence in the next episode as season 1 heads towards the finale. The season is expected to end with more secrets revealed in an action packed ending and some suspense for season 2.

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