Penny Dreadful Season Finale (Episode 8) Spoilers, Season 2 Details: What Happens in Grand Guignol; How it all Ends

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Showtime's latest horror show "Penny Dreadful" Season 1 is nearing the finale of its eight-part series. The show will successfully wrap up its first season with episode 8 titled "Grand Guignol" airing on Sunday, June 29, 2014. Here are few spoilers from the show's last episode. Keep reading to find out how it all ends. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "Penny Dreadful" Season 1 Finale (Episode 8) "Grand Guignol" and Episode 7 "Possession." Read only if you want to learn more about it.

Last week fans saw that how Vanessa's guilt overpowered her and took her to the dark side again. The mysterious, evil entity took over her for the second time, making it hard for Sir Malcolm to control her. As the day passed by, she got even more violent and unruly. She even attacked the priest as he attempted to eliminate the demon from her body through exorcism and failed him in his endeavour. Later, Ethan performed exorcism for one more time and successfully cured her from the pain.

At the end, Vanessa got back to her normal self and claimed that she now knows about Mina's (Sir Malcolm's daughter) whereabouts.

According to the brief synopsis by TV Guide, "Season 1 ends with Vanessa and Sir Malcolm facing their worst nightmares."

"Grand Guignol" means "The Theatre of the Big Puppet," according to Wikipedia. It was a theatre in Paris that became popular for "naturalistic horror shows." It opened in 1897 and was shut down in 1962 after the management thought that theatre's plays "had been eclipsed" by the real events of Holocaust that took place almost 20 years earlier, according to the Web site.

Is this where Mina is? "Penny Dreadful" Season 1 finale may bring an end to the mystery of missing Mina and answer several lingering questions. But before Vanessa and Sir Malcolm accomplish their mission, they have to get through hell as indicated in the synopsis. Fans can also expect to learn the truth behind the mystery of the murders that took place in "Penny Dreadful" Season 1 premiere. It still remains to be seen, who killed the mother and the daughter in the most devilish manner.

Meanwhile, fans know that "Penny Dreadful" has been renewed for Season 2. Show's success and enormous viewership led to the early pick up of Showtime's thriller show. Deadline notes that the show's creator Josh Logan is already penning the script for season 2 which will be bigger than the first season. "Penny Dreadful" Season 2 will feature 10 episodes that will go into production later this year. The show will once again use Dublin, Ireland as its backdrop when it returns in 2015.

Renewal of the show was announced quite early on June 4 and with the announcement network's President David Nevins had some good things to say about it.

According to Nevins, "picking up 'Penny Dreadful' was the easiest decision" to make. He also noted that the show has had "worldwide impact" and has drawn "big, passionate audience" from across the globe.

"John Logan has deftly created an epic series that has drawn raves from a wide-range of audiences from quality drama lovers to critics, to hardcore genre fans," added David Nevins (via

"Penny Dreadful" stars Eva Green as Vanessa Ives, Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm Murray, Billie Piper as Brona Croft, Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray and more. Season 1 Finale (Episode 8) "Grand Guignol" was written by Josh Logan and directed by James Hawes. The finale airs on June 29 at 10:00 pm ET/PT on Showtime. 

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