PBA Brawl: Nabong vs. Pingris Fight! (VIDEO)

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In the middle of the 3rd quarter of the Wednesday’s San Mig Coffee vs. Global Port game, a skirmish erupted when Kelly Nabong and Marc Pingris came to blows.

Credit: interAKTV official Youtube account

If you were scoring at home, Marc got the first punch in (grazed Nabong’s head). Kelly responded with a right haymaker which went wide as Pingris ducked and threw a blind overhead right himself (connected). Kelly took advantage from this position however, and unleashed a knee to Pingris’ head (it missed and settled for Pingris’ ribs.)

The scores:

Pingris 10, Nabong 9 (if you’re a fan of boxing) Nabong 10, Pingris 9 (if you’re a fan of MMA) Tim Cone 3 (Would have been 0 if he was dragged a la Jeff Van Gundy)

As expected, the twitter world exploded as well just seconds/minutes after the fight:

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