Paula Patton Wooed by Estranged Husband Robin Thicke?

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The recent news on the separation of the high school sweethearts, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, came out of the blue since everyone thought that the couple was still going strong. There are several rumors linking the "Blurred Lines" singer to several other women which may have taken its toll on their marriage. However, before these rumors surfaced, the pair was obviously in love and they seem to be very vocal of their love for each other.

The two stars are even stating the love for each other in their Twitter accounts. "I Love u @paulapattonxo & Julian Fuego," says in Thicke's description. "Actress, mom, wife of the amazing, brilliant, genius @RobinThicke," says in Patton's account. Fans are still wondering if the separation is only temporary and the two might still get back to each other's arms after spending time apart.

The two will celebrate their ninth anniversary this year if they had not decided to separate ways. However, the truth is that they have already been together for 20 years because they have been dating since they were still teenagers. They seem to be the perfect Hollywood couple, especially when they show their love for each other.

There are some rumors that the singer has done his part in preventing the separation from happening. He even reportedly went to Canada immediately after getting a call from his long time sweetheart about the separation, according to TMZ. Apparently, Thicke is worried that their 3-year-old son, Julian Fuego, will be raised in separate homes.

Although it was announced that the decision to part ways came from both sides, it appears that Thicke may not be taking the separation lightly as he cancels the first two days of his tours. The "Blurred Lines" singer was set to start his tour February 22, 2013 but cancelled some of the first shows, according to Fox News.

Thicke will resume his tour and has posted a thank you note for his fans in understanding his current situation. This may just be a fork in the road for the two and not a dead end. Several insiders believe that there is still a chance that the two will get back together. If not for themselves, may be for their three-year-old son Julian Fuego.

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