Paul Wesley: 'Vampire Diaries' Actor Shares Instagram Photos of Bromance with 'The Originals' Man-Crush Daniel Gillies

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The bromance between "Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley and "The Originals" actor Daniel Gillies continues with the recently shared images on Twitter and Instagram. Daniel Gillies has shared to his followers on Twitter the images of actor Paul Wesley showing off an Original mug featuring Daniel's character Elijah as well as a cardboard cutout that the TVD actor tried to smooch.

The 37-year-old "Originals" star wrote the funny caption "#mugshot" at Paul's image taking a drink from the Elijah mug on his Twitter account @danieljgillies. On his Instagram account, Paul Wesley also shared the image to his fans.

The 31-year-old TVD star posted "Just drinkin' a coffee no big deal" as the caption to the image of a mug that features Daniel Gillies face. Click HERE to see photo. According to the Wet Paint report, the image was captured at the "Vampire Diaries"-themed store associated with the Vampire Stalkers located in Covington, Georgia. The other image that Mr Gillies shared on Twitter shows Paul Wesley trying to kiss the cardboard cutout of his man-crush looking dapper in a suit. "Soirée in @paulwesley's love-dungeon last halloween. population: us. #tenderness," Daniel captioned the image shared on Twitter. Click HERE to see photo.

It looks like Daniel and Paul really loves their cardboard cutouts. In November 2013, Paul Wesley also shared on his Twitter account @paulwesley an image that shows Daniel Gillies' dressing room with the cardboard cutout of himself in the corner with the caption that reads: "Exclusive sneak peek into @danieljgillies dressing room."

Some fans who were curious about Paul and Daniel's bromance even took to their inquest on their relationship. "I'm curious, you and Daniel Gillies have a loving relationship? Ps: i love you two together, is like çldkslçfksf <3," the anonymous fan posted, according to the Fashion & Style report.

Paul Wesley, who admitted in the past about having a man-crush on Daniel Gillies, gave a funny response to the fan's question and it reads: "Yes, please tell no one, I beg of you." Kidding aside, the "Vampire Diaries" actor is known to have moved on with "The Originals" actress Phoebe Tonkin from his failed marriage with Torrey DeVitto.

Mr Wesley shared an Instagram image dated January 30 that shows the Aussie actress sporting a big smile on her face while cuddling with him during a basketball game. "4 days ago with Phoebe at the Basketball Game," Paul wrote as a caption to the image.

The couple's relationship is reported to be getting serious. In December 2013, Paul and Phoebe were spotted at the SoHo neighborhood in New York City searching for an apartment to live in together.

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