Paul Walker's Death Due To Rebecca Soteros' Drinking Problems, Paul’s Mother Might Win Daughter Meadow’s Custody

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Meadow Walker, Paul Walker's daughter, had lived with him because of her mother and Rebecca Soteros,' Paul's ex, serious drinking issues, according to a report on TMZ.

Meadow had a bad year after her father died in a tragic car crash. Latest reports noted her mother Rebecca is a chronic boozer.

Reportedly, Rebecca's drinking issue has gotten from bad to worse. As a result, it was likely Paul's mother might win Meadow's custody.

TMZ reported Rebecca was arrested for DUI in August 2013. Apparently, it was not her first offense.

Her drinking problem also spoiled her relationship with her daughter. Meadow moved away from her mother to live with Paul before he died on Nov. 30.

In 2003, Rebecca was first arrested for DUI in Orange County. Later, she was sentenced 3 years of probation after she pleaded guilty.

According to reports, her drinking problem got so bad that Meadow had to call and beg her father Paul to take her to Los Angeles. He agreed because he was aware of Rebecca's drinking habits and wanted Meadow to live in a safe place.

After Paul's death, Meadow has been living with his grandmother Cheryl. She might become Meadow's local guardian.

According to a post on TMZ, Paul's will was drafted in 2001. The will states Cheryl the legal guardian of Meadow.

Paul's father who is the executor of the will has petitioned the court to assign Cheryl as the guardian of Meadow. Also, Cheryl will also be the trustee of the $25 million estate, which now belongs to Meadow.

Also, Paul's family will never let Rebecca get the money.

"There's no way Paul's family will let Rebecca get her hands on all the money," a source told Star magazine.

"Paul's family think they should be the financial caretakers. Paul's parents want to have control of his assets. They think they know best," the source stressed. 

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