Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in Ongoing Rancour Ahead of Walker’s Demise: Reports

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Latest reports suggest that Late Paul Walker was in an ongoing dispute with "Fast & Furious" co-star Vin Diesel. The feud between "Fast & Furious" co-stars reportedly started while the duo were negotiating contracts for the fourth installment of the Universal's most beneficial franchise. A source told the National Enquirer that Vin Diesel along with acting in the series was also a co-producer of "Fast & Furious" franchise "made a major cash-grab."

"Paul said Vin was a 'bully,' and he had to fight Vin for every little thing in his contract," "It got so bad that Paul brought his entire business and legal team along every time they had a business meeting. During their negotiations, Paul complained that Vin was standoffish and even borderline sinister," stated the source.

According to ShowBizSpy Vin Diesel's brotherhood claims with late Walker are false; "Paul was close to several people on the set, but they were cameramen, stuntmen and other production people Paul genuinely liked," "He tried to keep his feuding with Vin out of the public eye for the good of the franchise, but when the cameras were off, Paul avoided him like the plague," told the source to ShowBizSpy

Allegedly late Walker's "true friends" are offended with "Vin's hypocrisy," for the reason that "they know how nasty he was to Paul when Paul was alive."  "has told friends he hates himself for feuding with Paul and feels terribly guilty about how he treated Paul while he was alive, " a source also told the National Enquirer that Diesel "Vin is shattered over Paul's death,"  "He's broken down in tears several times and said he wishes Paul would just walk in the door, tell him this was all a bad dream and forgive him." said a friend of Walker.

Diesel lately shared a photo of himself and Walker in a scene from "Fast & Furious 7," on his facebook page stating; "The last scene we filmed together... There was a unique sense of completion, of pride we shared... in the film we were now completing... the magic captured... and, in just how far we've come...  Fast and Furious 7 will be released... April 10th 2015! P.s. He'd want you to know first..."

Paul Walker in his last interview with Christina Radish of  revealed about his friends and lesson learnt from friendships; "People that I thought were my friends, way back when, aren't really my friends. I was this impressionable, innocent kid. I thought I was cool. I had smoked a lot of weed, and done acid and shrooms, so I thought I'd been around the world and knew what was up. I didn't realize that not everybody that postures as being your friend is actually your friend. So, I took some lumps and bumps, early on, and it jaded me.  It made me somewhat cynical. I realized that I was actually just a hot piece of young ass. That sucks, but that was the truth. That was a hard lesson for me." 

"Vin's a pain in my ass.  We come from opposite ends of the spectrum.  I wish I had some of him in me, though.  He says the same thing to me, too.  He says, "I wish I could be more like you, sometimes."  We fuck with each other, all the time, but he's been a hell of a partner.  The guy is a lot smarter than a lot of people realize.  Not that he's a dummy, but a lot of people think he's a dummy.  Vin is really sharp," said Walker.

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