Paul Walker 's Death Reason Revealed: Overspeeding And Old Tyre Caused 'Fast And Furious 7' Actor's Death?

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A new theory has surfaced in relation to Paul Walker's death. Walker's death was brought by overspeeding. His vehicle was moving at the speed of 150 km/hr before it hit the electric pole and burst into flames.

According to L.A. County Sheriff's investigation, Walker's friend Rogar Rodas was driving Porsche Carrera GT at twice the speed limit. The speed limit on road to Santa Clarita Business Park is apparently 70 km/hr. For their love of speed, the friends were driving the car at insanely high speed. The speed was identified using the surveillance video and electronic data.

SMH cited, "Further investigation suggested that another thing which added to the car crash was the pair of nine-year-old tires not a mechanical failure. No evidence of car system failure has been found."

Though Walker was a trained car racer, the speed at the curvy road of Santa Clara Business Park was a bit too much, which Rodas could not handle. Previously, it was reported the speed of the vehicle was 160 km/hr.  However, the Sheriff's Department and California Highway Patrol found it was a less than that.

Also, the 2005 model of Porsche Carrera GT has a history of going out of control. The car could reach speed of 160 km/hr in 7 seconds but has instability issues.  

Walker and Rodas died on the spot. According to LA County Coroner's report, Walker died of "severe blunt head, neck and chest trauma," sustaining a broken arm, wrist, jaw and ribs.

Their bodies were beyond recognition as they were severely burnt. Since Walker's death created a vaccum in the life of his family and fans. Even the production of his upcoming movie "Fast and Furious 7" was stopped.

Paul Walker died on Nov. 30, 2013 and he will be missed forever by his friends and family.

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