Paul Walker Fake Death Rumours Continue: Photos of Badly Burned Corpse Revealed Online

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In a recent turn of events, new issues of Globe Magazine revealed the truth behind Paul Walker's accident photos. Walker died in a tragic car crash on Nov. 30. Driver Rogar Rodas accompanied Walker at that time and both of them were burned to death.

"The image is truly horrifying," says a source to the Globe magazine, regarding the photos. "The picture ... shows the bodies of the two victims [Walker and friend Roger Rodas] - and makes sure you can't miss them by outlining the corpses in color!"

"It shows the inside of the Porsche after it was ravaged by fire. The bodies are severely burned and can be clearly seen lying inside the vehicle. Walker's body is still fairly intact. He has fallen backwards and his arms are spread apart. He is completely burned. No more clothes on his body," revealed the magazine further.

It has also been reported that someone at the accident site was trying to sell the photos of a badly burnt corpse of Paul Walker which has led to another blow to the family.

A source told Showbizspy, "It's outrageous to think that the Walker or Rodas family could be surfing the Internet and click on these pictures and see their relatives like this."

Paul Walker's death has become a topic of constant media attention. Everything regarding the actor's death is being scrutinized from his family feud to the amount of burns he has suffered.

We are still not sure whether Walker's death was due to accident or due to a murder conspiracy but what we know that Walker is no more between us and he will be truly missed. We hope that his soul rests in peace and his family gets strength to move past the horrific experience.

Let us know what do you think about Walker's death, was it an accident or murder?

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