Paul Walker Fake Death Rumour Debunked: 100+mph Crash Killed the 'Fast and Furious' Star

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Fake death rumours about Paul walker's death continue to be hounded by various reports. The latest claims that the "Fast and Furious" star was badly burned to death. Even rumors regarding his fake death have been declared baseless.

On Friday, the reports claimed that Paul Walker and Rogar Rodas were burned beyond recognition in "100+mph car crash" in Santa Clarita. The star and his friend were driving a 2005 model of Porsche Carrera before it hit into a tree and an electric pole.

According to, "Los Angeles County Coroner's autopsy report has revealed that when the car hit a light pole and tree the impact was so powerful it spun the car 180 degrees until Walker's passenger side smashed into a tree and burst into flames, the Porsche almost split in half."

On the basis of the reports, the website further revealed: "Both Rodas' and Walker's charred bodies were found in a defensive "pugilistic" stance braced for impact. Burns covered 100 percent of Rodas' body, his skull fractured and his brain exposed. Walker suffered a fractured left mandible, left clavicle, multiple rib and pelvic fractures and a non-displaced spinal fracture - his injuries so significant he could not be a candidate for tissue donation; his trademark blue eyes and hair color marked "unknown" in the report."

Paul Walker's death has been finally ruled out as an accident. The official authorities say that Walker's accident happened around 3:30 pm when Rodas lost control of the car.

The official reports have finally put an end to rumors of Paul Walker faking his own death. The rumour has hurt Paul Walker's family and fans. Walker's brother Cody Walker even said in his Facebook account that the media is being insensitive towards his brother's death and such rumours are cruel.

We hope that after the revelation of these reports no media channel will be spreading baseless rumors about the "Fast and the Furious" star.

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