Paul Walker: Eerie Prediction Of His Death From A Fan Photo

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Crowds Gather At An Unofficial Memorial Event For "Fast & Furious" Star Paul Walker.
Crowds gather at an unofficial memorial event for "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker in Santa Clarita, California December 8, 2013. Thousands of fans are visiting the area near the site where Walker and Roger Rodas died in a single-vehicle accident last weekend. Reuters

It's been months since Paul Walker died in a car crash on Nov. 30, 2013. However, a report has just surfaced claiming the actor's death was somehow foretold a month before from an unlikely source- a fan's photograph.

A Reddit user posted a photo of his chance encounter with the actor in September when filming of "Fast & Furious 7" took place in Atlanta. The fan took to the forum to express his sadness over Paul Walker's death and recalled his friendly conversation with the actor that reportedly took for about an hour.

At first glance, one wouldn't probably suspect anything out of the ordinary from the photo until John D. Moore of Psych Central pointed out some interesting facts about it, along with the details of the encounter.

A huge Paul Walker fan, Moore suggests the fan's encounter may have coincidentally foretold Paul Walker's death. KDrama Star adds even the fan himself reportedly also claimed the photo was already a premonition.

For starters, the pair reportedly met in a restaurant called Six Feet Under. The fan claimed his wife works at the restaurant so when she saw the actor and some casts of the film, she immediately texted him to come over knowing he was a "Fast & Furious" fan. Eerily, the restaurant is located on a street called Memorial Drive. Upon closer look, fans can also see some of the tombstones of the famous Oakland Cemetery on the background. According to Moore, the photo's authenticity has been confirmed by the restaurant's manager.

The fan also posted a close up photo of the shirt he wore during his encounter with Paul Walker. People were apparently curious since he claimed they were asking about it. The print on the shirt says "Black Metal" and is made from the clothing line Selfless Murder Clothing Inc. (SelfMade Co.).

Despite his death, the Reddit user clearly thinks highly of the actor. He recalled Paul Walker "was constantly smiling and laughing and just seemed like a really happy and genuine dude."

"I get people need to be the first to be edgy every time a celebrity dies and make jokes, but I just wanted to share this to remind people he was a real guy with family that he loved a great deal and I'm personally really sad to see him gone," he wrote.

Moore said the fan's recollection reportedly supports people's claims that Paul Walker was an "unpretentious and down to earth" person.

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