Paul Walker Death: Meadow Walker Owner of $25 Million Estate, Done With Mother Rebbeca Mcbrain?

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Late actor Paul Walker has reportedly left his 25 million estate to daughter Meadow Walker, so that the latter can have a safe and secure future. However, instead of feeling at peace, Meadow is apparently in trouble and is not happy.

Meadow Walker is going a through a lot of emotional turmoil due to her mother Rebecca Mcbrain's drinking problems and reportedly this is adding more to her woes apart from losing her father in a tragic accident.

Paul Walker's daughter is currently living with her grandmother Cheryl Walker. It was mentioned in Walker's will that he wanted Meadow to live with her grandparents.

According to Epoch Times, Rebecca has been suffering from drinking problems for several years and she was even arrested for drinking and driving charges in 2003 and later in 2013.The sources have revealed that Paul has had numerous arguments with Rebecca in regards to her drinking issues and this was the reason why Meadow Walker had decided to move in with her father earlier this year.

"Meadow, now 15, called Walker in 2011 and pleaded to let her move to L.A. and live with him. Walker was happy to say yes because he and McBrain, also known as Rebecca Soteros, had countless arguments for years over her drinking problems," revealed sources to TMZ.

It seems after living with Rebecca for numerous years now Meadow has decided to move away from her and live with her grandparents, at least this what late Paul Walker wanted. Do you think Meadow is done with her mother?

Meadow is also the sole beneficiary of her father's property and according to reports by, after the final court hearing of Paul Walker's will, Rebecca will no longer be Meadow's guardian.

"Instead of naming Meadow's mother as the guardian and caretaker of the money, Walker's will nominated his mother, Meadow's grandmother," stated the Web site.

Let us know what you think about Meadow Walker being the sole owner of Paul's will and do you think Meadow will sever her ties with Rebecca Mcbrain as the latter is plagued with drinking problems?

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