Paul Walker Death: Justin Bieber's to Learn From 'Fast And Furious 7' Star's Accident?

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Justin Bieber's reckless driving behavior in Miami has apparently angered his fans. They think if Bieber does not tame his wild ways he would meet his maker soon. The fans are so disturbed by his recent DUI arrest that they have even drawn comparisons between Bieber's risky driving and Paul Walker's death due to over speeding.

'Fast and Furious 7' Actor Paul Walker died in a tragic car crash in Los Angeles. The autopsy reports claimed the reason for this death was over speeding. The speed of his car was apparently more than 100 mph. BUt unlike Bieber it was not Paul who was driving the car. Rogar Rodas, Walker's business partner, was at the driving seat when the unexpected crash occured.

Bieber's toxicology reports suggested he was under the influence of a substance while doing rash driving. 

"Justin Bieber had been smoking marijuana and taking prescription drugs for anxiety leading up to his recent arrest for DUI in Miami Beach," TMZ reported.

No such toxicology results have come in relation to Walker's and Rodas' tragic death. The fans think Bieber's over speeding may prove dangerous to his life the way it did to their beloved star late Paul Walker.

The fans of the 'Believe' star have also tweeted their concerns for Bieber's life. They felt he doesn't release the dangers of over speeding and if he doesn't improve his ways then he may meet the tragic fate like Paul Walker.

The fans further felt it is better to have their favorite star jailed than to lose him in an accident. Some of them even expressed their anger that Bieber was jailed for over speeding where as Paul Walker racing adventures were considered for charity.  Here are a few tweets by Bielibers:

"@_PHIL_osophy tweeted, " I hope Justin Bieber realizes how dangerous that was. That was what got Paul Walker killed." - Phillip Carpinella"

"@HypeSir: "Better to see Justin Bieber just end up in jail vs. ending up like my dude Paul Walker," - HYPEman Sir

"@TommyTadeo: How come Paul Walker races to raise money for charity and dies but Justin Bieber races under the influence and gets a slap on the wrist? - Tommy Tadeo"

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