Paul Walker Death : How are 'Fast And Furious 7' Stars Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson Coping?

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Paul Walker's death has created a vaccum in his  family and close friends Vin Diesel And Tyrese Gibson's life. While Paul's daughter Meadow Walker has moved away from the media limelight, Tyrese and Vin are finding own ways to cope up with the death of their dear friend. Let's take a look at how Paul's closest pals are trying to move past the tragic incident.

Reportedly, Tyrese Gibson took a trip to Dubai to reflect on his life post Paul's death. Gibson said in an interveiw that Paul's unending zeal to live life helped him get his smile back. He said: "Paul Walker would have never wanted anyone to get depressed after his death,"

Meanwhile, in his wake to move on from Paul's death,Vin Diesel seem to have got himself engaged on the social networking site Facebook.The actor has taken to Facebook many times to post videos and photos since Walker's death on Nov. 30.

Yesterday "The Fast and Furious 7" star  took to Facebook  and posted a video of himself singing songs of Katy Perry and Beyonce. Diesel's Facebook page already has more than 63 million likes and it is was not a surprise when his video went viral just minutes after uploading it.

According to reports by, Diesel released the video on Tuesday and it instantly received 564,273 likes and now it has been shared 110,116 times.  Moreover, the video has more than 62,000 comments.

The video shows Diesel singing Katy Perry's song "Dark Horse" while dancing to it. Then he takes a breather and talks about Universal Studious and how the film named " Riddick" is on the top of DVD charts. After a bit of talking, Vin Diesel plays Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" and again taps his feet to it.

Along with the dancing and singing the video also has a caption, which Vin Diesel reads as, "You know I love music," and the actor ends the video by saying "All is love."

On Jan 8, Vin Diesel posted a video of himself with Paul Walker while shooting for "Fast and Furious" series The video showed the brotherly love Vin and Paul shared. Along with the video the 46 -year-old actor also wrote: "Last New Year, I went with just my family on a very important road trip, partially inspired by my brother Pablo, who was guiding me up the California Coast. This year, despite the offers to travel, I did the same thing. Soul searching, finding the way forward. The time when Paul and I closed down a press junket in LA... I believe it was the only time in history, which a junket was ever shut down due to driving. Haha, it was the last time the studio ever had cars at a junket that Paul and I were at."

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