Paul Walker Death: GF Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell Shocked Reaction and Rebecca Soteros Drinking Hurting Meadow Walker?

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Since Paul Walker's passing away a lot has changed for daughter Meadow Walker. Not only she is going through a severe emotional turmoil, but also coping up with her mother Rebecca Soteros alleged drinking problems.

Apparently, it was Rebecca's drinking problem, which made Meadow Walker move in with her later father Paul Walker earlier this year. TMZ reported that Rebecca was arrested in August for drinking and driving offense and according to back in 2003 Rebecca was even sentenced a three year probation for her drinking driving probation.

The recent buzz is that in wake to give a safe life to Meadow, Paul Walker has taken her custody. However, before Meadow could cherish her stay with Paul, the latter passed away in a tragic car accident in Los Angeles.

Since Paul's death Meadow has been living with Paul's mother Cheryl Walker and reportedly in the will Paul has wished his parents to be Meadow's guardian.

Meanwhile, Paul Walker's girlfriend of seven years Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell is reportedly upset about the fact that Paul left is $25 million empire solely to Meadow Walker and has given her nothing.  The buzz is that this has really hurt Jasmine as she loved Paul dearly and was taking care of Meadow since the death of the "Fast and  the Furious" actor.

According to a source to, "Considering Jasmine believed she and Paul would eventually get married, she is gob-smacked that she hasn't been taken care of in his will."

Paul's fans believe that now that Jasmine is allegedly hurt for not been taken care off, she may create problems for Meadow or she might sever her ties with Meadow.

It is really sad that Meadow has to go through so much trouble. Do you think along with Rebecca' Soteros, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell will also create troubles for Meadow Walker? Let us know your thoughts.

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